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    • My wife hardly ever watches TV except when the Olympics rolls around and then she's obsessed. Anyone else like that?

      The wonder of it all for me is the emergence of sports like halfpipe snowboarding. In my life I never expected to see shocking athletics like that. Back-to-back 1440-degree jumps?!! How could anyone have imagined that a few years ago?

      I don't understand what is it about some Olympic sports like figure skating. As with swimming, we don't watch the sport except at the Olympics, and then it's obsession. Why?

      Photo credit: TIME

    • For my family it's always about the "local" athletes or parents of the athletes (for my parents) we know that are competing. We've seen a lot of familiar faces compete over the years growing up on the border of Vermont and New Hampshire especially in skiing and snow boarding.

      In general I think the stories of Olympic athletes can feel more relatable then some of the other sports. I'll be watching as much as I reasonably (or unreasonably) can.

    • My wife, both my daughters (22 & 25) and I are really into the Winter Olympics and try to watch as mush as we are able. All of us love participating in winter sports (nordic, alpine, skating, hockey) and both daughters figure skated from ages 3. I was lucky enough to know some peers who were world class atheletes when I was younger which gave me a love for most sports. I did not really appreciate figure skating until my daughters engaged in it and I learned what truly courageous and amazing athelets these skaters are. Our annual winter vacations to Lake Placid exposed us to biathalon, luge, bobsled, freestyle and ski jumping, all of which at a high level seen in person will blow your mind. Simply standing at the top of the 90M jump I almost passed out looking down!

    • I usually can't wait for the Winter Olympics because I love seeing NHL hockey stars go at it for two weeks. It's as exciting as the NHL playoffs. Unfortunately this year, the NHL won't be letting their players participate, which I suppose is a loss for viewers like me, but a gain for all of the amatuer players out there.

      I'll probably still watch and get sucked in by the skiing events. I'm always in awe of how the world class skiers barrel down those steep mountains at such great speeds.

    • It takes a lot to be an Olympian and for me, I think it's knowing that and that for many, this is their pinnacle after which, they'll go on to lead their lives makes it compelling. Plus there are so many sports that receive little or no coverage except during the Olympics.

    • My family and I watch a little of the Olympics. It's not due to lack of content or interest. It has to do with time.

      Still, I love the Olympics. By now, we can understand these athletes have given so much of their body and mind, their lives, to become the best at what they do. They are sort of heroes because of the sacrifices they've made to compete and we deeply hope and pray they can win.

      There are athletes in every sport, like the NBA or NFL, who have "a story" but you are able to relate more to athletes in the Olympics. And because they seem a little more human most people are drawn to watch them be superhuman. Does that even make sense? LOL.

    • I don't watch much of the Winter Olympics since I'm so busy covering college basketball games, but I will say that attending the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City was quite an experience. I got to watch the bobsledding and aerial ski jumping, which was utterly amazing. These guys are definitely some of the finest athletes on the planet.

    • That totally makes sense. I definitely think the Olympics tries to play up the human interest story more than other events. In part because there is such a diversity of athletes that participate.

    • Holy cow, I just checked with Nielsen about who watches the winter Olympics. It's for old people. Teens are 57% below the national average when it comes to viewership, 18-49 are 20% lower than the national average, and over 55 are 82% higher. (Note to Nielsen: aren't 18 & 19s teens?)

    • Is there a source to see how people of age groups view the Olympics? I know some of the statistics about the Super Bowl viewership were skewed because it didn't account for how people viewed it, like cable vs streaming options. Myself, I streamed it via YahooSports app.

    • That's a fascinating question. I wondered about that too. This is what Gallup had to say:

      TV Still Dominates as Olympic Watchers' Viewing Platform of Choice

      The majority (80%) of those who plan to watch the Olympics say they will do so "only" (50%) or "mostly" (30%) on television. Twenty percent of Americans plan to do at least half of their watching on the internet, including 12% who will watch equally on TV and online, and 8% who will do so "only" or "mostly" online. All Olympic events will be livestreamed.

      Nearly all older adults (97%) and a large majority of women (84%) will rely at least mostly on television for their coverage. One-quarter of young adults aged 18 to 29 intend to watch the Olympics only or mostly online -- the largest subgroup who says it will do so.

    • I feel like this poll is a bit biased, at least for US viewers, since our viewing options are limited.

      I would love to live-stream Olympic events on the side while I work, but live streaming the non-delayed events isn't an option for me because NBC (who owns the US broadcast rights) for some reason won't let you do this unless you subscribe to a cable TV package that includes the USA network. So my only real option is to watch the time-delayed TV broadcasts.

      I'd even be willing to pay a one-time fee of $10 or something for the ability to stream live events for the duration of the Olympics, but this isn't possible. I either have to upgrade my cable subscription (which I won't do because I never watch cable TV, so it's not worth it to me) or I have to make do with NBC's time-delayed broadcasts (which I won't do because they're not convenient for me).

    • Curling.

      I thought it was the stupidest sport to ever grace the Olympics until recently. We donโ€™t have TV at home, but at work itโ€™s on 24/7.... so if itโ€™s basketball, baseball or football season, guess whatโ€™s playing all day, every day? You got it. The Olympics are no exception. What kills me the most is watching these unbelievable athletes, after 4 yrs of training, wager their honed skills on a 3 sec jump or 3 min slalom to watch it go right down the tubes because their ski buckle came loose or the wind caught them the wrong way or they didnโ€™t sleep too well the night before. Oy.

      Hard to watch, but like a train wreck, I canโ€™t look away because of the amazing physical strengths needed to compete.

    • Hi Heidi!

      Toni has been incessantly watching every night so I work on my laptop beside her and look up to take in the most dramatic moments. I used to compete in some ski races and I remember hitting 62 mph and thinking we had all gone mad by making courses that aggressive.

      Each olympics now I go in shock over how big the jumps are, how fast they go, the injury rates... In some ways I love it but oh my God, watching some of the crashes...

    • Did anyone stay up to watch the end of the U.S. vs. Canada gold medal hockey game? AMAZING. I hadn't watched women's hockey in a long time and it was incredible. Heading into the Olympics, I knew I'd watch some events, but didn't feel as excited. But I was super pumped up after watching this. I'm paying for it in lack of sleep today...

    • Oh my God. Toni just couldn't stay awake so we went to bed trailing 2-1. It was an incredible game to that point, played so hard. I just thought those Canadians were simply too hard to beat.

      And then I wake to read the news and thought, "SLEEP?! WHO NEEDED SLEEP!!?"

      I thought the big air jump and halfpipe competitions were incredible too. How can human flesh and blood do that? ๐Ÿ’ฅ

    • I watched the replay too and it was a really fantastic game, and a great win for the USA team! However, as a life-long hockey fan, I hate playoff games being decided by a shoot-out.