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    • Hey friend,

      Would love to tell you a little bit about my Portfolio Career Podcast journey. Hope that is OK.

      This Summer, I was in the The Podcast Fellowship where I took my idea, incubated, and then later launched my podcast.

      Once the empowering workshop ended in August, I started publishing as often as I could to keep learning and (hopefully) improving :)

      Where am I now? Last week, I published my 36th episode last week. And today, my show was just distributed to a radio show in New York. Crazy!

      Topic: After being burned-out by one company, I started working on multiple projects and interests. I loved it! But I didn't know how to best describe it. And, I saw others doing the same but never really talked to them about this before... So, my idea for Portfolio Career Podcast was there. And once, I learned about The Podcast Fellowship I immediately applied to learn to make it happen!

      My goal: While navigating a career is always difficult, I think it is an exciting time to take ownership of your interests (like here on Cake) and skills. I hope my episodes help with people during transition, when exploring new ideas and project, and/or entering the workforce.

      How can I help? Happy to try to answer any questions about my podcast process. And of course, would love to hear how my topic and goal resonates with you. No worries, if not.

      Thanks for listening :)

    • Hey Victoria, great question. I invite people that work on many different projects and/or a varied professional journey. My first question is "how do you typically introduce yourself at an event?" -- "it depends on the event" is a *common* answer among many of my guests! Thanks for asking :)