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    • Location in one image looks somewhat familiar; were y'all driving south towards Asni on R203?

      If so, sadly, not far (as the crow flies) from Mount Toubkal where the Scandinavian women/hikers were murdered by extremists in December, 2018.

    • Off road day yesterday. Honestly my HR and adrenaline were way up because my experience off-roading tough terrain on big bikes with great riders is limited.

      First thing in the a.m. was the beach with Dakar-like and rutted soft sand on the way. Yikes. Then a day of rounded pebbles, cobbles, big rocks, slippery climbs and descents. All with 3 other enduro and rally racers.

      Somehow I survived even though a rally winner went down pretty hard. I came so close I dunno how I saved it. Have to look at the film. Got lots of cheers and fist bumps for save of the day.

      Finally my HR has settled now that the riding is done. Amazing motorcycle off road, the Triumph. The pros gave me great tips.

    • I was following Spurgeon from Revzilla on dirt roads in farmlands as as we came across a tree hanging over the road, goats started pouring out of the tree. I guess they climb the trees to eat the greens in the upper limbs? Anyway, Spurge said it was the highlight of the trip.

      Later we came across one that was staged for the tourists on the highway but Spurge was nevertheless all smiles about it:

    • In the night market in Marrakesh there used to be a dentist working, his specialty was pulling teeth. Everybody knew this because as the sun fell he would arrive put up his table, a very big table, put his pliers on the table and then dump out buckets of teeth that would pile about two feet high to let people know what he did...there was always a line for his services

      I was secretly hoping he was still around, and you'd get a photo of him