Did you know that the same Alexander Hamilton on whom the recent musical is based was fervently opposed to the idea of electing the president by direct vote of the electorate?

During the first term of Nixon's presidency, Congress seriously considered doing away with the Electoral College. Nixon supported doing away with the electoral college.

But one document receives a lot of credit for dissuading many of those who had previously supported abolishing the electoral college.

It is not a quick read but if you are interested in understanding why the 91st congress did not ratify an amendment which was supported by the majority of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, this is the document that many think stemmed the tide of that movement.

By the way, the picture displayed below has little or nothing to do with the document. Cake is displaying it because it is displayed on the webpage where I found this document. The picture is from the 1860s and is one of the generals from the time of the US civil war.