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    • The first Red Dead Redemption was one of the first open world games that really captured me from beginning to end. I can't completely explain why other than it had the right combination of story and freedom. The mystique of the characters and landscape seemed to work just right for me at the time when I played it. It was big, but not so big that I didn't know what to do or where to go. Needless to say, I've been looking forward to the sequel for a long time.

      But since the time when I played Red Dead 1, I've grown somewhat weary of massive open world experiences. I've been burnt by a lot of these kinds of games in recent memory. They offer the promise of an experience I once cherished in games like Red Dead 1 or even some GTA games, but have struggled to find since. Witcher 3, while on paper should have been an easy game for me to get into, just ended up feeling too big and overwhelming. To this day I haven't been hooked by it. Fallout 4 took me several tries to get into, and then once I did, I eventually got bored and never even finished the story.

      Red Dead Redemption 2, from everything I'm reading, is going to be absolutely massive. This Forbes article, for instance, mentions about 60 hours of gameplay just to get through the main story!!!

      While this game should be a no brainer for me (I loved the first one, and the preliminary reviews and in-game screenshots have so far looked spectacular), I'm still nervous about dropping $60 on this game. I'm worried it might just be another Witcher 3.

      What do you think? Will you be playing Red Dead Redemption 2?

      (Who am I kidding, I'm probably going to drop $60 on this game)

    • I most probably will but I will try to make it look like a financial incentive is holding me off and wait for some kind of big sale, anything from Cyber Monday to Christmas or maybe even Easter :)

    • I'm also wary of open world games these days, and Rock Star in general seems to be the worst offenders of just having way too much stuff that is completion heavy, value light. I really liked some of the older GTA games like San Andreas I thought was pretty good; but GTA5 was a big turn off for me. It go so whacky and huge it was hard to connect with the game.

      I did feel like Red Dead Redemption 1 did a really good job of staying thematically on point. I didn't really feel like I needed to do all the crazy side quests and completion stuff; the main story was always playable.

      There is something pretty cool about riding around the west and pistol slinging, so I'll probably buy it just for that :)

    • I’m dying to play RDR2. If I could, I’d block off a week just to spend with it. The first game blew my mind. No spoilers, but that I still think about it.

    • Wow!

      The fakery in the simulation becomes more apparent at that speed (like the animals grazing more or less at random over the same small area all day long), but the visuals are just incredible! The foliage on the trees, the shadows, the reflections of the clouds in the water. I'm pretty stoked.

    • Started playing last night at exactly 9pm PDT when it unlocked. Haven't left the starting camp yet except for the early missions, but so far so good!

      Bit weird that they chose to start the game off with most of the gorgeous landscape completely obscured by snow and weather, with murky flat lighting. In the brief moments when the snow has cleared, the game has really looked amazing in 4K HDR. I'm eager to get past this section so things will be less ugly.