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    • I’m very proud of NOW YOU SEE ME. I worked with a number of magicians on
      the project, notably Keith Barry and the Buck Twins. Director Louis Leterrier and screenwriter Ed Solomon made magic “safe” for film and television. Studios and networks had avoided doing projects about magic because the notion was that any magic could be accomplished through CGI.

      But what we did with NOW YOU SEE ME was we made it about how a magician THINKS. We highlighted the principles of illusion. And so people got a peek behind the curtain of how magicians operate. And this approach has largely driven the rest of my career: pulling back the curtain and giving people a glimpse of how magic works. I did it last year with the
      show DECEPTION on ABC, which (#RIP) only lasted one season, but I’m proud
      of it for shining a light on that thought process.