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    • I’ve been doing magic professionally for a decade, but it has always been for cloistered circles — corporate events, private parties and social clubs. This is my first ever publicly ticketed show! Seems to be going well as we sold out January and have extended to the end of March. I
      guess there are a lot of puzzle-loving people out there!

      I’ve had these tricks for years and years, but I’ve never strung them together in a narrative form before. I was so thrilled when I discovered the central story of Riverbank, the strange and fantastical location in Geneva, Illinois, where the story takes place - the “cradle of cryptography.” I’m absolutely in love with the characters in the story, and that’s a situation you want to be as a storyteller - I want to hang out with these characters! 

      As far as takeaways go, I want people to learn about puzzle-solving and puzzle-creation. This show is meant to introduce you to that world - you aren’t expected to know anything about puzzles in advance. And my hope is that people don’t feel like I’m performing magic AT them, but WITH them - it’s a very audience-participation-heavy show, where I encourage people to be a part of the collective experience. A lot of magicians pretend to have superpowers, to manipulate you or have control over you - but I at the beginning of the show say “There’s no magic in magic. It’s not real, it’s all a puzzle. And we’re going to experience this puzzle
      together.” Like I said, I guess I like pulling back the curtain!