Be original. Magic, I think, as a profession suffers from people presenting magic in a cliched way. You can buy a magic trick from a shop and it hands you patter to say as you perform it. Tear that up and throw it out! Come up with an original presentation, be innovative.
These tricks have been around for a hundred years so the best thing you
can do is put a fresh coat of paint on it. How can you make magic different
and new?

Another way to be original? Cross-pollinate. Take something you know, and apply magic to it. Justin Willman does it with comedy. Dan White does it with a cool modern, classy approach. I try to do it with puzzles and history. If you like football, do a sports trick. If you love hip-hop,
put some lyrics to a card trick. Take a look around and see what other people are doing or how it’s been done, and do something completely different.