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    • I’m so happy you found that one! I’ve actually done 2 TED talks and this one wasn’t shared as widely. But like the first, there’s a fun surprise ending. 

      This talk is me expounding on the principles of illusion, largely in-tandem with the book that I wrote, called SPELLBOUND: 7 PRINCIPLES OF ILLUSION. I cooked all these things at the same time, because like my film and television projects, they shed light on how a magician thinks.

      Preparing for the big TED stage takes months and months. You write something, you show it to people who are better writers than you, they tear it apart and you put it back together. And because it was a talk about illusion, there’s the added task of pulling off a trick during the talk. So you have double-duty! And the performance, rehearsals, and timing for that
      one took a good half-year to put together.