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    • Ran into this a while ago. I find that being able to name things is a very powerful tool in understanding and making sense of the world around us. The benefit for me is giving me a way of shaping my perception and keeping my behaviour in check.

      Expand the thread, I promise it's worth your time:

    • I kept coming back to this today. I probably spent an hour reading & pondering it. Cultural parasitism in particular:

      I watched Paul Krugman last night describe zombie ideas — ideas that keep coming back from the dead because they are easy to believe and easy to transmit, like tax cuts for the rich. They don’t work even a little bit but the idea is like a parasite you can’t get rid of.

    • Great share, and I’m not even halfway through it: I feel like this a collection of koens, those sayings that make you reflect on their meaning for days. This one relates to the impact of social media on so many levels.