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    • I can't help but be fascinated by watches, since forever. I remember how proud I was of my first watch when much younger, had a Poljot. Then later when electronic ones were all the rage, one with big red LED's (that I needed to press a button to show time) and black dial that made all people in the bus I used to travel curious and ask me what time it was. I was lucky if battery held for the entire day.. hahaha.

    • That's right! That is exactly what made me think of this topic, I was intrigued by that ad, riding on interstate the other day! I do own an Omega watch which has a great history, it was bought with money earned in a Casino over in Canada Niagara falls! And I didn't even want to play then.. hahaha. Thank you!

    • William Gibson used to be a huge fan of mechanical watches (might as well still be), and one of his novels had one prominently featured. He even wrote a very nice article in Wired about it (OMG it was 20 years ago, though)

    • I missed this conversation! I had forgotten to click on the All tab.

      However, you have traumatized me. I thought, "hey, I've decided I don't like wearing an Apple watch at all. Just another thing to buzz at me when I'm trying to think. Maybe I'll splurge and buy a nice-looking watch like the classy guy who rides an Italian motorcycle."

      Being into bargains, I went to eBay and found one I liked the look of. Wait. What are all those zeros after the price? What currency is this? This watch is used.

      I had sorted by highest price first and started paging through to get to more affordable watches. It took me 22 pages of 50 watches per page to get to the ones that only cost 5 new Moto Guzzis. You have to keep going to even get to the Rolex's. Who are these people who buy them and how did they make their fortunes?

    • Chris, I think I found some of the more affordable ones, and the justifications for the prices.

      It is interesting to realize that such precision mechanisms have applications that I believe extend far beyond the art of watchmaking.

    • Being a gadget guy, one would think I would wear a smart watch. But I don't. Watches are like fishing lures made for people. I really like automatics and in particular automatic pilot watches. This is a photo I took from inside my tent about two weeks ago while motorcycle camping with the BMW Northern California Motorcycle Club. Never really took photos of any of my watches but just could not resist taking this one. Cruise through grey market but still comes with their warranty.

    • Oh wow. Those are some fine-looking watches I can get behind and afford. Right now I wear a Garmin Fenix because it has a gps and I bike and run a lot.

    • I bought a Suunto because I wanted the 24-hour battery life because I was doing some crazy endurance events like R2R2R in the Grand Canyon.

      The features that were essential for me were GPS, pairing with HR strap, and WiFi for uploading to Strava. I tried the optical sensor for HR and could never rely on it because it wasn’t accurate, also true on the battery-sucking annoying Apple Watch. VO2 max estimates, yada, were not useful for me.

    • I’ve been rocking Garmin Fenix 3 for the last 4 years and it is an incredible piece of technology. Not only does it have a rugged classic shell, but the watch face customization options are awesome if you ever get bored of the same look.

      I use it for training and triathlon racing. I have swam with it in the ocean, lakes and rivers. Bikes through thousands of miles and ran hundreds more.

      It also survived a head on collision with a car that almost killed me:

      Although a small chunk of the watch body is gone and I have a scar on my arm, where the watch is. My Garmin Fenix resurrected itself and is still alive and kicking 2 years later.

    • Here is a very special kind of watch, Nixie watches!

      If that doesn't boggle your mind, wait until you see the software menu for programming the functions!

    • I like watches and finally purchased a nice watches case for my bedroom. Looks good. BUT, I realized recently when I wanted to wear one of my other watches, ALL of them except my Casio Solar had quit working. TahdaDAH! Time to head over to Amazon.....this is one of those DIY kits has I should have bought years ago. I have now changed over 10 watch batteries!

    • I bet it's very satisfying to be able to service your own watches! One of the challenges being to open it up and close it back together so it remains dust and water proof. I need to try this some day. Thank you for the idea.

    • yea, most of my nicer watches have a thin o-ring but the specialty wrench that lets you unscrew and screw back on the back give you the confidence that things stay water proof. BTW, this watch repair kit was less than $20 on Amazon.

    • I bought a much cheaper looking kit, allot less confidence inspiring than yours, long time ago, and never used it. One of these days, I will. I am certain youtube has plenty of tutorial videos.

    • Your thread inspired me to not just take a photo of one of my watches....but, watches for me have to be an extension of my personal brand. I bought this watch from a haole guy in Hawaii because of my living there in the 80's, I like surfing and it was somewhat modern looking. He uses organic koa wood from the islands and then builds the time piece. I don't wear this waterproof watch much mostly because the band clasp is a little tricky and I prefer my "Seiko-esque" watch that has my company logo on the watchface. So, sharing this watch with the internet had to include my personal brand/lifestyle. LOL

      But, what time is it? IT IS TIME TO JETSKI of course!

    • While window shopping today at Lucern, Switzerland this timepiece from Omega blew my mind. When would someone even wear a $141,000 USD (140K Swiss Francs) watch?

    • It's kind of hard to grasp for us mere mortals, but in the old world there are alot of wealthy families for which the act of "making" (i.e. working or putting any effort into it) eight or more figures is frowned upon; they basically have it all. I am certain that is true not just there, but other places too. That, in my humble opinion, is the target market segment for such luxury items. Examples do exist.

    • Less expensive than Rolex or Omega are these cool $20K Chronoswiss watches. They only cost half a year’s salary in US. No price on the toy beach chair next to the watch though... 🤣