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    • While window shopping today at Lucern, Switzerland this timepiece from Omega blew my mind. When would someone even wear a $141,000 USD (140K Swiss Francs) watch?

    • It's kind of hard to grasp for us mere mortals, but in the old world there are alot of wealthy families for which the act of "making" (i.e. working or putting any effort into it) eight or more figures is frowned upon; they basically have it all. I am certain that is true not just there, but other places too. That, in my humble opinion, is the target market segment for such luxury items. Examples do exist.

    • Less expensive than Rolex or Omega are these cool $20K Chronoswiss watches. They only cost half a year’s salary in US. No price on the toy beach chair next to the watch though... 🤣