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    • We offer for your consideration, the original theme music for the Twilight Zone. A dimension of sound, a dimension of mind, a song written by legendary film composer Bernard Herrmann, a song long lost down the Twilight Zone memory hole, a song that nobody knows how to hum.

      Watch the pilot episode "Where Is Everybody,” first broadcast on Oct. 2, 1959, and wonder, what became of this song? Wonder no more. It's simple really. CBS didn’t love the theme and it was killed. The second version of the theme fared no better. It didn’t even last a month.

      The next try was the song we all know so well, used for Season 2 and staying more or less the same from then on. The original introduction was cut from the Season 1 episodes and replaced with the final theme song. Herrmann's song was erased from history for decades, until reappearing in the 1980s on DVD releases.

      When CBS decided to bring the series back to television in 1985, they commissioned a new version of the iconic theme from the "one band terrifying enough for The Twilight Zone: the Grateful Dead" That wasn't the end of new versions of the theme, but for this former hippie, its the most notable.