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    • Christie Aschwanden wrote a book about recovery methods like icing. She's the head science writer for Nate Silver's 538 blog, a good athlete and very respected journalist. I heard her interview on Fresh Air and read a couple reviews of her books.

      After the interviews, I didn't feel like I needed to read the book. The bottom line: the only thing that really works for sure is sleep. Studies of icing where one limb gets iced and the other doesn't seem to show that the limb without ice recovers faster and gets stronger. She thinks it's because the body's natural response to inflammation does its job and icing inhibits it (acute injuries are a different thing, where ice may be important).

      Massage may do some good. The funny thing is just massaging one limb seems to help both of them, so maybe better blood circulation or a psychological boost? Supplements and sports bars don't seem to work. They're just marketing.

      I'm happy. I hate icing.

    • Oh I forgot to metion anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofein. They're really popular among runners (vitamin I), but they seem to be a bad idea. They just slow recovery.

    • @Chris was actually catching me up to speed on some of these new discoveries just the other day! Fascinating that there's no life hack that's better than sleeping.