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    • I'm a neuroscientist who works in a BMI lab, so I feel obligated to comment here! I work with electrode data measuring electrical activity of individual neurons, not amalgamated local field potentials that EEG picks up, but large-scale data analysis is basically my job. Here's some basic descriptions of EEG processing that quick vetting suggested was valid. As for this company, I'm not really understanding how they are doing anything other than marketing things by using neuroscience buzzwords, but if you were an EEG neuroscience (which takes years of training to analyze data, usually in the form of a phd) then I guess you could do some fun stuff with these at home kits. I tend to try to not promote content like this that is essentially overhyping EEG as a BMI. The resolution is very low and the results inferred from data collected in poorly controlled experiments is typically useless. Reverse inference-ing ( is generally a terrible idea, and while open-sourcing tools to analyze data is great, selling things that people can't typically generate valid conclusions from isn't).

    • Glad you've chimed in.

      For me, the "promise" is more in things like prosthetic control or working to mitigate seizures or giving pt's with some form of paralysis a chance.

      I'm pretty sure the Pro Kit isn't gonna help in that regard but maybe it'll help people understand what's at stake?