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    • Please show us your best Nature photos of the week: scenic locations, landscapes, and vistas. Tell us of your adventures in capturing the natural beauty in its best light.

      What gear and camera settings did you use?

      We want everyone to learn and provide a constructive critique. The photo with most comments and reactions will be featured as a cover in next week's Friday Nature Photography Challenge.

      Here is my Nature entry: The strange and wonderful Joshua Trees

      Ever since I first saw a picture of a Joshua Tree, I wondered if it was a cactus or a tree? They are a bizarre hybrid of both. We traveled for the last two years in December to Joshua Tree National Park to see them in real life. Just off the main road, we saw this beautiful specimen.

      Editing: Lightroom adjustments of color balance, contrast and clarity (texture).

      Camera: Sony A7s

      Lens: FE 35 f1.4

      Settings: f1.4, 1/8000, ISO 100

    • It's unusual to see f/1.4 in a landscape shot. But it works well here - I think it would have been less effective if the other trees were sharper.

    • I had a great time in India, but the 12-hour overnight bus ride from New Delhi to Manali was so bad. The driver was awful, driving way too fast around corners and making quite a few people sick, including my wife and me. There was a lot of puking going on. It was no good, even for the people that didn't get sick. About halfway through we had a break for a driver change and picked up some new passengers. So we had a chance to get off the bus and move around. It was so good to be off the bus. During this break is when I snapped this shot. EXIF data is available on the link for anyone interested. I didn't put a ton of thought into it, I was just happy to be off the bus for a little while.

      Then we had to get back on and finish the trip. The rest of the time on the bus was much better than the first half, but still not great. It was especially disconcerting when they started things off by handing out sick bags to all the new riders. My wife and I both made it through the rest of the trip without puking, but we were still feeling a bit queezy. Eventually the bus came to another stop and we were told everybody had to get off the bus. We were on time, so I thought we were there. It turned out we were about 30 minutes from our destination, but there had been a landslide and cars weren't able to make it through. The only other way to get there was to backtrack and take a road on the other side of the river. But it's a road inaccessible to buses. So we had to get taxis to finish the journey to our hotel. There were six of us crammed into a small car. The total travel time ended up being about 18 hours.

      That photograph was the only good thing to come out of the drive from New Delhi to Manali.

    • This is with a Canon 40D and kit lens from the bridge that leads to the 'Sin City' part of Auckland NZ. Photoshoped in homage to the film.

      Best thing about it: The guy at the Camera store said the lens is junk and I should just throw it in the bin when I bought the kit.

      Won the My Auckland Photo Competition prize with it and this pic. 2 Grand's worth of payola.

      He wasn't working there when I went back to have a crow.

    • From doors off Helicopter held in by a small lap belt over the Western MacDonnell Ranges Central Australia. This is about 150km west of Alice Springs in the Northern Teritory. Amazing country out there. For those that haven't shot out of a small helicopter before there vibrate about up there, so fast shutter speed it the trick.

      For this shot I used a wrist strap tightly secured so the body was pretty much glued to the hand. I used the 7dmkII for this one, shutter speed was 1/8000 sec, f4, ISO 1600 wiht a 24-105 f4 lens at 24mm. Shot in the early morning light.

    • What this thread needs is more motorcycles.

      'Three Streets on a Bridge'

      Nikon Z6 with F4 24-70mm lens

      Aperture F5 1/160th Iso 125

      Helped in photoshop.

      Three Harley-Davidson Street Glides on a causeway near Tyalgum NSW - surrounded by nature! :-)

    • From the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, a favorite beach walking spot of mine. The entire beach in the refuge (about 6 miles of beach!) closes on April 1st each year for the piping plover nesting season, reopening when the birds are done with it. The re-opening last year was in two phases - the very tips of the beach opened early in August but the bulk of the beach remained closed until the beginning of September. The birds love it!

      The tide was heading out - I believe this was taken just before low tide.

      Fuji X-T2, lens XF10-22mm, shot at 10.5 mm, f/16

    • killiney bay, iPhone converted to b&w with nik plugin for Lightroom , taken a few years ago. But the challenges will push me to shoot each week for fresh photos

    • Looking at that photo in full screen and zooming around makes it even more impressive! I bet those twisty roads were fun to ride on a bike 😉.

      At 15K elevation, I can only imagine how hard it is to breathe. Climbing up the 14K summit of Mt. Dana in Yosemite, I was totally out of breath and struggling.

      Thanks for sharing the back story behind this amazing pano!

    • That story had to be told. There is no way I would have known just by looking at the photo about the 12 hour bus ride, landslide and puking. Isn't it amazing how many stories a single photo can tell?

    • there is an amazing loop ride through the national park that can be done in a day or two. Half is dirt half is paved

      I wrote it up for a European magazine and if interested you can read it it here...

    • Took this photo in 2016 during sunrise. Unfortunately, it was really overcast that morning so no sun in sight. Took this on top of Bukit Panorama (about 270m height) with my Nexus 6P.

    • What's interesting is that when I went through all the images after getting back home, I didn't remember it as being from that part of the trip. Even after I had finished processing it, I thought it was from a much happier day. When I started trying to figure out general locations for where things were shot, that's when I remembered where it really happened.