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    • Knowing that you are living in Utah and coming to Santa Cruz for the next 4 months changes the gameplan a bit.

      Since I live in San Jose California, it is only 40 mins from Santa Cruz, so please stop by for a visit. If you are on Strava then lets connect, if you are not on Strava then you should sign up asap. It will help your training by showing workout stats and pretty graphs. Being on Strava will also help you expand your triathlete circle of friends and reinforce social commitments. When you see your friends working out you are more likely to do one as well.

      I've done most of the triathlon races in California at least once, so if you have a question about a specific event you have in mind, don't hesitate to ask for a recommendation.

      Chris asked if I recommend indoor training. The short answer is: absolutely! The long answer is a lot more complicated when it comes to the actual set up, choosing the right trainer and program.

      Here are some good conversation about indoor training:
      Zwift Changes Everything
      Loving the Tacx Neo Smart bike trainer so far!

      The most beautiful race in California (if you are willing to drive):
      Toughest race at the most beautiful place...

    • I am no longer a tri-guy....but, I was active in the scene for about 5 years....In hindsight the BEST thing I did was find a local tri club that I dug the scene.....typically, triathetes are TYPE A x 10 so some crowds can be a little agro but joining a club made the beginner experience really great.

    • I will definitely be paying you as well as Chris a visit! I'd previously checked out your conversation on the June Lake Triathlon- looks amazing. The race I'm angling towards right now is the Folsom Triathlon on August 5th. I'll probably try to do at least one before. Also will do the Santa Cruz Dip n Dash on July 1. I'd like to do an olympic length tri in July, so let me know if there are any that you recommend.

      Also just downloaded Strava!