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    • As marijuana is becoming more available due to changing legislation, more people are buying it.

      But a concern should be how strong the kind of weed they buy is. It seems that they can buy stronger weed now.

      The potency of the THC which is the main compound responsible for the drug's psychoactive effects might have gone up by 17.1% in recent years.

      "When someone takes marijuana at a low [THC] content to relax and to stone out, actually, it decreases your anxiety," she says. But high concentrations can cause panic attacks, and if someone consumes high-enough levels of THC, "you become full-blown psychotic and paranoid."

    • You don't partake, I gather? Because, let me tell you, none of smokers worry about weed being too strong. Ever. It's not a problem. You see, the time between a puff and onset of the effects is measured in seconds, far shorter than it takes you to smoke a whole joint. If the weed is too strong, you'll know it right away and then just can just, you know, stop. It's not like when you take a pill, or inject yourself and then have no way to undo if the drug is too strong. You just smoke less of it.

    • I do not partake. Never have. But I am curious why the article sounded like we needed to take strong weed precautions. It sounds like maybe that might not be true.

    • Well, they had to get the clicks, I suppose. :-) But, yeah, getting 'overdosed' on weed is a non-existent problem. Medically, you simply cannot harm yourself by overdoing it (to get anything approaching lethal doses you'd have to smoke kilos of the stuff at once, a physical impossibility). And if you overdo it, you simply won't be having a good time, so the natural tendency is to stop well before you get to a bad place.

      Becoming paranoid, anxious or having a 'bad high' is mostly a function of your pre-existing emotional state or a function of your surroundings. As the erowid crowd likes to say, "set and setting". Before partaking in *any* psychoactive substances you need to be sure that your set (emotional state) and setting (your surroundings) are conductive to a positive experience. If they're not (you feel bad about something, you're in an unfamiliar or unsafe surroundings) then you risk having an unpleasant experience and should probably lay off the stuff.