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    • I don't tune in to too many sources, because as everyone else, I have limited time and energy to allocate to this. I tap into everything, and follow it everywhere, when I find a lead that's worthwhile of my attention.

      I try and listen/view some reputable sources such as PBS, Reuters, and some others in EU in different languages, but I always take all with a grain of salt, some much more than others. I try and use my analytical skill to sift through the noise, but don't obsess over it, rather let everything sink in and "fall in the right places". My gipsy boxing coach words come to mind, "you must look your enemy in the eye and do not flinch, to be able to know when to avoid that punch and when to launch yours".

      It's allot more than that, though. The world is driven by interests, today more than ever, and so sadly even in these moments we may learn we are being taken for a ride. I recall when a major earthquake hit my country many years ago, military was instructed to shoot looters. on sight. What I see happening today, if true, is looting at the highest level in the US congress by the very people trusted to represent majorities. And I'd reckon the only reason they made it there is a wrong, twisted scale of values instilled upon americans over decades, since 1900.