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    • The theory of how one gets infected keeps changing and taking new shapes by the day. As is the lack of knowledge which makes room for all sorts of social media interpretations based on hearsay. I even read that now russians are poisoning cyberspace with fake news, WHO is pathetic, and now there are even theories that this originated in USA and spread to China via e-vaping cigarettes!

    • You are exactly right—the homemade cloth masks are not medical-grade, as most people realize. However, it has been proven that they are better than nothing. Actual studies have been done that show fabric masks made out of white cotton t-shirt material are 1/3-1/2 as effective as the N95s and they don’t compromise breathability. (Other materials are more effective in blocking, but they are terrible when it comes to breathability - i.e. household vacuum bags).

      (I took a pretty deep dive down this rabbit hole last night. I can’t find the resource I read last night about various materials, but here’s a study that confirms what I summarized above...)