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    • No real idea who he is or what his beliefs are, have never heard of him before two days ago, but found intriguing his blurb when someone shared it. But let me ask differently, if there was financial and social justice (am not even mentioning humanity) in the way our health "care" institutions are being run, do you think his statements would have had same weight?

      My point is (and I don't mean this to defend my lack of broader research for the persona involved in above post) even a villain will always have some valid points, sometime, somewhere. I never take people as a good or bad per whole. I may like you for your math abilities, but hate you for your music preference (just a complete fictive example by the way), but when I can see with my logic that you are right in certain aspect I will respect and agree on that and I could care less what you're dubbed as a whole person, by others or the "society" at large. As I originally mentioned, I found some of his blurb intriguing and making logical sense, namely the aspect relative to control of how masses benefit (or lack thereof) from the mere crumbs falling from the table of the one per centers.. and how that trend seems to be growing stronger as we can all see without any special mental abilities. Politicians grow stupider and yet stronger, with each cycle. Corporations greedier and more inhumane, and are getting away with just about anything, what other examples do we need to see that this world is degrading socially?

      On the same topic, I can't understand why all the crisis mitigation ideas or actions are being discussed in terms of dollars, as if a hand has to be raised begging from above, to just do the right thing humanly speaking, for the entire society. Begging from whom? There was ample time and more than plenty ample warnings yet we continue to stick to and at any price maintain in place the old byzantine "health care" system.. we all know why. I am just sick of this mascarade, much more than of the fear for the virus. And now, if you wouldn't mind I will "distance myself socially" if by expressing these ideas I'd caused any disturbance in the status quo of the conversation..