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    • I just saw this in another location....and, it is a Facebook page called "Adventure Bike Rider". I am sure @Chris is over all these wannabe sites/magazines that try and ride the coat-tails of ADV.

    • this is Sydney (North), not to be confused with North Sidney which is on Cape Breton Island on the other end of Canada in Nova Scotia...Sydney, Australia sounds good, especially this time of the year, but here in the Northwest there is some fine kayaking...

    • Good for you for getting out there! And thanks for sharing your adventures! I'm envious of your ideal location for kayaking. Here in California, it is mostly open ocean kayaking. Not complaining through, I love it. I wish we had more islands to paddle to and channels surrounded by epic mountains.

      Be safe out there. I highly recommend PLBs to all my friends that do anything off the beaten track in the outdoors. Others on Cake convinced me that a PLB is a must.

    • thank you, I am happy you enjoyed this thread, not quite the same as the Northwest, but the Channel Islands off Santa Barbara are amazing...southern California without people & truth I have only hiked on Santa Cruz; I have not paddled, but the National Park Service operates some marine campsites...In March 2013 my wife & spent a week on Santa Cruz & totally fell in love with the Islands...

    • I am Christmas-Day-Like excited....I just pulled the trigger and bought one of the few available left in the country until the 2019 inventory starts hitting the shelves in late-January. A Pungo 14.

    • I guess like an expectant-dad, I have prepared the "baby room". LOL I am really excited because I have two images to fill for my custom 2019 calendar (november/december) and potentially there is a shot I want to get on the water at Lake Powell. When I head to Zion over Thanksgiving, for a glamping expedition for 5 days, I want to pop over to Powell for a day. The weather can get too extreme there late in the season for a SOT, and most if not all the rental places are closed for the season.

    • I have been away for a bit, but I am now back & I can say a major congrats, your boat has good cargo capacity which is really nice if you are going out for a bit or carry gear...a bit of good luck to get the Wilderness systems 14, I went looking for one of their boats last September, but there was nothing to be had in western Canada. Happy Paddling.