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    • I guess like an expectant-dad, I have prepared the "baby room". LOL I am really excited because I have two images to fill for my custom 2019 calendar (november/december) and potentially there is a shot I want to get on the water at Lake Powell. When I head to Zion over Thanksgiving, for a glamping expedition for 5 days, I want to pop over to Powell for a day. The weather can get too extreme there late in the season for a SOT, and most if not all the rental places are closed for the season.

    • I have been away for a bit, but I am now back & I can say a major congrats, your boat has good cargo capacity which is really nice if you are going out for a bit or carry gear...a bit of good luck to get the Wilderness systems 14, I went looking for one of their boats last September, but there was nothing to be had in western Canada. Happy Paddling.