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    • When was the last time that a Democrat was elected to replace an incumbent Democratic president who was still alive?

      (For example, neither Truman nor LBJ count because FDR and JFK were each dead when Truman and LBJ won their presidential elections. Yes, I know JFK was alive when Truman won, I couldn't figure out how to word that correctly.)

      You don't need to know the year as long as you can name the second Democratic president.

    • Depending on how you define “elected,” one could argue the answer is Hillary Clinton. But I don’t think that’s the answer you had in mind. 😉

      This an interesting question. It’s possible for the answer to be the successor to a Democratic President who completed their second term.

    • It would be, but the last time that happened is even earlier in American history. The previous president had only served one term.

      By the way, I don't believe in the disenfranchisement of less populated states. That is what led to the American Revolutionary war.

    • Since no one has posted an answer to my question, I will post the answer.

      The year of the election was 1856. (four years prior to the election of the first Republican president, Lincoln.) The incumbent president was Franklin Pierce but the Democratic party did not choose to give him the nomination for the 1856 election. Instead, they nominated James Buchanan who won the election and became president in 1857.

      Since that time, there has never been a Democratic presidential candidate elected to replace a living incumbent Democratic president.

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