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    • If I was 17 and deciding if a four year college was right for me today i'm not sure if I'd attend if i'd have to take loans to make it happen given when I was 17 I had no idea what my career path would be.

      There's no question college can be a great and useful experience.... but i'm not so sure given the cost structure today if it's as worthwhile. Maybe for 30% - 50% of students it's absolutely worth it. As far as I can tell universities have no responsibility or outcome tracking for what happens after students graduate and leave for the real world.

      MBA schools report this.... so applicants and gauge the potential ROI on attending.

      I wonder how many young people in this country go into college and come out with handcuffs in the form of debt with limited opportunities to pay the debt and rent, and all the other expenses life throws at us.

      Trade schools make a lot of sense to me and probably much more practical. I always enjoyed watching Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs talk about this.

      I'd love to see schools add real world focused curriculum around how credit cards and mortgages work, how taxes work (IE understanding your net take home pay), how to negotiate your salary, ask for a raise.

    • Yes, I agree. And I am finding it difficult to find good and competent workers: plumbers, electricians, etc. We need more of them. When I find a good one I am happy. I also note that I am paying them quite a bit of money. So they are doing just fine, without college loans probably. As @gorudy mentioned, those loans can be a major problem.

    • Well sometimes what you have got planned for you like career wise could get a stumbling block and then you got to change things in your life like your plans and even career because of the challenges life brings in