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    • Oh how I love the ability to share comments directly on social. Not really a big fan of other social platforms these days but seems like there would be an incredible opportunity to draw people into thoughtful conversations in the Cake community in what is shared. Not sure of your capabilities right now but what about creating a recap of the post and comments around the comment thread shared to allow people to enter into the Cake discussion from multiple angles. Maybe profile pics of people in the thread who had turned on a feature to allow their profiles to be seen in a group share. Or links to other comments on the thread as well as a direct link to the post in question? Could this also be embedded into a blog post or a news article? The virality/vitality of thoughtful conversations? Food for thought. rocks!!

    • Maybe I am too obsessed with the Bush, Engelbart, Nelson triumvirate these days but it just seems like we may have technically come to a place where the concept of associative trials might prove to be more than just theories. Cake certainly speaks to these ideas more than anything I have ever been on that is for sure. Just love to share ideas whether they are used or not.

    • I think you have chosen two words that best describe our dreams at Cake: thoughtful conversation. Perhaps we'll never be as popular as sites that involve porn and outrage, but at least we can feel good about it.

      You probably saw this, but in case not:

    • You know what I never made my way through the entire presentation. I see a few presenters I missed. Thanks for this. I did watch the entire 1998 one though per the link below. The last part with Alan Kay really hit home with me. I lifted a paragraph from him that really resonated with me. He really hit the nail on the head with what has transpired. "And if you think about where we are right now our ability to do software for any purpose, and especially for human purposes is abysmally low. So the worst thing we could ever do is try to pick any system whether it is an operating system like MS dos. Whether it’s a programming system like Java. Treating these things like religions that are going to bring salvation is a terribly wrong thing to do"

    • Back in the day when I worked for Steve Jobs, it was my impression that he respected Alan more than anyone else. One quote I remember is "People who are really serious about making software, should make their own software."

      He said it in a keynote as if he'd just heard it for the first time: