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    • Anyone else take GDPR as a gift?

      Unsubscribing from every email list you’re on will never again be this easy 🔥

    • It truly is a blessing in disguise!

      I'm getting email left and right from companies whose websites and services I haven't been using for years and who still have me on their mailing list 😱

      I also see it as an opportunity to clean up all my mailboxes and unsubscribe from other mailing lists that had been slowly taking over.

    • Yes!! Forced on the timing, but it's actually making me re-think ever signing up for an email list ever again haha

    • What about notifications? It feels like there's a constant stream of notifications beeping, vibrating, and covering some part of my screen continuously as I try to go about my day. My rings are closed on my watch. It's time to stand. Breaking news. Someone and 10K others liked a Tweet. Instagram is lonely.

    • I turned all notification off for all apps except iMessage & slack during the week. Doesn’t mean I don’t still use the apps. Hahah but I forget to use them more than I would otherwise

    • I need to do something about Slack. When I'm driving in the car and have maps going, Slack seems to cover the top of the maps every few seconds sometimes so I can't get a glimpse of what the next turn is supposed to be. I need to dig into Slack notifications and slow the firehose.