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    • If I ever need to figure out how to block somebody (I didn’t even know that was a thing here on Cake), I would expect the blockee would also be blocked from seeing any of the blocker’s subsequent posts.

      This would preserve an all-important “ignorance is bliss” paradigm instead of creating an environment in which the blockee is constantly reminded of the blockage even though s/he may have absolutely no idea why s/he has been blocked.

    • My experience is limited but I think that if you have been muted by someone, you will continue to see that person's posts. You do have the option to ignore the person that has muted you, which will then hide that person's posts and threads. Note that there is a little flakiness in the notifications, which show a new notification flag near the bell for an ignored user but not the notification itself. If someone you have ignored replies to your post, you will see a notification of the fact in the thread, with an option to look at the post anyway.

    • Hmmm. Interesting.

      I am not familiar with “muted” status. I see (now that you pointed it out) that it is an option on the other user’s profile page. I guess what I termed as “blocked” is what Cake is calling “ignore.”

      If I am muted by another user, I am guessing I no longer have the capability to react or respond to his/her posts, but I can still see those posts. Hmmm... Kind of like children taunting on a playground??? 🥴

      Thanks for the tip!

    • In some ways it's worse, since you have no way of knowing why the other kid is calling you names. And since there are no private messages, there's no way to ask, or to resolve a misunderstanding. Cake is still a fairly civil place, so I don't think they need to devote a lot of attention to these issues at the moment, but in the future some fine tuning might be needed.

    • Yeah, it's funny how when you build something you have an idea of how it will work and be so clear, and then when we're actually using it you say "huh." The way you find out you're blocked is by not seeing a reply button and then you wonder what's wrong with Cake. Hmmm.

    • I would think that muting people at this early, “civilized” stage would really cut down on the ability to generate an interesting conversation, so maybe shooting oneself in one’s own foot...?

    • FWIW....I have probably over 1000 people blocked on Facebook and maybe 50 people blocked and muted here on CAKE. Without trying to be offensive to anyone individually, my personal disciplines are probably -extreme- in filtering noise in my life. When I watch TV, I mute all commercials. That takes some discipline.

      Like on DPReview....when I post photos up I am mostly doing that so other actual photographers and see what the lens/camera combo is doing. But, the guys that have wrapped their personal worth on how they posture with their keyboard, I have zero patience and interest. In nutshell, I really don't care what they think of my images. 90% of the people commenting on DPReview are not photographers, never will be photographers but they are addicted to the interaction they get because now they have (343845743 posts) so they must be a big shot right?

      As fantastic as ADV was/is, there are 1000's of posters over there that have their entire self-worth tied up in their online handle.

      So, for me, with CAKE, I like the moderated PG13 rating, and, for the most part the people that I interact with I find interesting and I enjoy their posts. Thats it. Not looking for friends or who received the top views for any posts. Again, my analogy is internet conversations for me are like fun cocktail parties....I move around the room, have some interesting conversations and then I go home.

      A handful of people I have blocked here I can tell have way too much invested in being a TOP POSTER and I consider that noise and the "commercial" I mute like on TV.

    • Curious... 7 reactions, 5 profiles. Are the two other people who have reacted people I have ignored? Or maybe people who have ignored me?