I was fascinated to learn by way of BoingBoing of DJ Amelia Foxtrot, an Austin-based phonograph DJ with the Austin Phonograph Company who describes it as follows:

"specializes in live entertainment featuring hand cranked phonograph
record players from the early 1900s. An expert in vintage audio
elegance, Amelia dresses in 1930s clothes, cranks the records, and
demonstrates the machines to curious patrons. It’s an educational and
musical experience."

Amelia's work has allowed her to amass a collection of 3 vintage hand-cranked phonographs as well as more than 500 records to play at a variety of events.

It appears that there's a vintage phonograph community in Austin that Amelia is a part of which will be the subject of a documentary called "Once and Again."

And if you want a taste of some of the music that Amelia's got on her playlist, you can see some of her tracks here.

Adding to Amelia's general reputation as an awesome human, she also co-owns and runs a vegan ice cream shop in Austin called Sweet Ritual. What a treat!