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The Holey Blue Devil fish - Paraplesiops cryptographia has a very little understood relationship with the Mermaid's Purse seagrass. It is known that these fish (more commonly called the Zombiefish even though they aren't (( we all know that only freshwater fish are subject to zombification)) ) will not reach maturity unless in close proximity to the seagrass, and the habit the fish has of passing the leaves through the naturally formed holes in its body may benefit the grass, perhaps through nutrient or distribution of the species. Most icthyologists agree that there are easier subjects to study, but a few will talk your ear off about the subject. Very few of *those* are in any sort of agreement.Prompt "holeyfish" Generated by the Open A.I neural net GPT-2-345M, fine tuned on InkTober prompts by gpt-2-simple and drawn by Alicia SmithCaused by Janelle Shane at