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    • Anyone have a preference between Powerade and Gatorade? I kinda lean towards Powerade, though I like Gatorade as well. Powerade seems to offer a bit more for exercising with the B vitamins and all, though Gatorade seems to offer more variety in terms of the kind of products/drinks they offer. I mostly buy them just because they taste good, though they are nice to accompany my basketball workouts. I’m also aware they have a lot of sugar, so when possible, I do like to roll with zero sugar.

    • I prefer powerade but don't drink it often, mostly when riding in the outback when it's hot and in motorcycle gear, then the choices are not usually great at remote fuel shops so either would do.

      If you get a chance try this one from Malaysia.
      I was introduce to it when I lived in Malaysia and we can get it in Australia in the cities only.

      They make other flavours, I prefer the original.

      Great when working hard in the tropics and sweating a lot.

    • Yeah when riding long days usually go for the Gatorade zero if I can find it, else the regular one. But don't overdo it. Thing is, body needs the electrolytes some of these drinks offer, but read carefully the small print. Else some of the best is Dasani water readily available at gas stations, and I used to drop in it a pill of electrolytes from REI if all day long was all I had..