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    • The link you included starts "Top level racing requires a high performance exhaust ... " So if you are ready to go racing there is much to learn. However, if you are new to motorcycles or even a seasoned recreational rider, rest assured the manufacturers have equipped your bike with a carefully engineered muffler that is matched to the capabilities of its engine.

      Aftermarket exhaust systems are often chosen in a quest to save weight and increase power. They almost always are lighter, and louder; but performance increases are small and often there are decreases in rideability in certain rpm ranges. There is far more to be gained in performance and comfort through aftermarket suspension modifications. Modern motorcycles are better than ever right out of the box. Just ride it; after a few thousand miles you'll be making small ergonomic adjustments so it "fits" better and after a few seasons of riding you'll know what performance enhancements you'd like to try.

    • I can't decide whether this is a serious question thread or thinly disguised spam. The link provided doesn't go to any information about motorcycle exhausts, it's straight to a shop page.

    • Hi! Still new to motorcycles. Is there an easier way to understand motorcycle exhaust?


      Use what came on your bike for one riding season.

      Full stop.