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    • I just finished watching Mindhunter and loved it!

      It's 90% people sitting in rooms talking, which sounds boring, but the writing, directing, and acting are so fantastic and nuanced that it's absolutely riveting.

      I found it so fascinating and so skillfully crafted — particularly the first two and last two episodes, which were directed by David Fincher — that it prompted me to start a rewatch of all of David Fincher's movies. He's such a master of nuance; there are worlds of detail to rediscover upon repeat viewings.

    • The cars... Man, they just nail it with the cars every time. If you weren't of a cognitive age in the 1970s, that's what it looked like. No SUVs, few pickup trucks, lots of station wagons and big American sedans.

      We're partway through season 1.

    • We finished watching last week, really happy with how it progressed and how the season ended. I'm always amazed when storytellers can force you to have a love hate relationship with characters, and still keep you coming back with conflicted feelings.