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    • I am really into this new show Mindhunter. It is a period piece in the 70s about the discovery and classification of serial killers by the FBI. I'm normally not into crime drama as I find I find they are generally overly gruesome these days or unrealistically suspenseful, but my wife and I took a gamble on this one and started watching it.

      Holy hell this show is well done. Incredibly talented actors and great direction all around. All the creepy material comes out in descriptions from the serial killers themselves, and subsequent analysis by the investigators. The understated acting is amazing, and the casting of the serial killers is incredibly well done. This one isn't for the faint of heart, but most of the discomfort comes from their completely disconnected and distorted view of reality.

      Anyways, this one was a total surprise pick and keeps me coming back for more, had to share :)

    • I just finished watching Mindhunter and loved it!

      It's 90% people sitting in rooms talking, which sounds boring, but the writing, directing, and acting are so fantastic and nuanced that it's absolutely riveting.

      I found it so fascinating and so skillfully crafted — particularly the first two and last two episodes, which were directed by David Fincher — that it prompted me to start a rewatch of all of David Fincher's movies. He's such a master of nuance; there are worlds of detail to rediscover upon repeat viewings.

    • The cars... Man, they just nail it with the cars every time. If you weren't of a cognitive age in the 1970s, that's what it looked like. No SUVs, few pickup trucks, lots of station wagons and big American sedans.

      We're partway through season 1.

    • We finished watching last week, really happy with how it progressed and how the season ended. I'm always amazed when storytellers can force you to have a love hate relationship with characters, and still keep you coming back with conflicted feelings.