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    • While reading back up through a long-ish thread, I tried searching using my browser's Cmd+F find feature, and couldn't find text that I was pretty sure was there! I had to scroll up to find the text.

      Presumably this is due to using some kind of lazy-rendering virtual list to avoid having a ton of elements in the DOM.

      I hope searching text in a post will be possible without implementing a custom Cmd+F override - I'm always frustrated by Github's custom searching inside their editor.

      I know it's a tough problem to resolve, I'm having to deal with it in one of my own projects :-x

    • Yep, unfortunately browsers really don't make it easy to support "find on this page" with infinitely scrollable content. And we also can't just render every post in a convo with dozens or hundreds of posts, because that could be horribly slow on mobile devices and old computers. It's a hard problem.

      The good news is we're working hard on site-wide full text search, which should help with this. We'll also keep thinking about ways to improve the ability to search within a single conversation.

    • searching on page is really important, especially if the conversation goes on for a while. I acknowledge it's a hard problem, but then - come on, this is "just" text, it shouldn't be that big in memory... :)