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    • Oh yea I forgot about that. In comparison, Hearthstone will let you pick up to 2 of each card except for legendaries of which you can only have 1.

    • One thing I need to add is that these game (Eternal, Magic as well I think) allow you to have up to four copies of the same card in your deck.

      I know nothing about Magic or similar card games, but I saw that mathematics was one of the topics assigned and I was intrigued by the question

      When does it make sense to have more than 75 cards?

      It sometimes helps to mess around with a smaller or simpler problem and then apply the rule(s) discovered to the actual problem.

      Let’s say you have three cards labeled πŸ¦†, πŸ•, πŸŽ‚

      I could label them 1,2,3 or a,b,c but I like using emojis.

      If the synergy comes from dealing the πŸ¦† card first followed by the πŸ• card, then there is 1 out of 6 possibilities that you will get dealt that sequence:







      So 1:6

      Another way to look at it is that you had 3 possibilities for the first card you drew and two possibilities for the second card you drew.

      And 3 times 2 equals 6 combinations. If you had 4 cards, you’d have 4 possibilities for the first card times 3 possibilities for the second card, which would equal 12 combinations.

      So 76 cards would equal 76*75=5,700 possible combinations.

      Back to the 3 cards. What if the sequence dealt didn’t matter for synergy, that is

      πŸ¦†πŸ• has the same value as


      Then in a 3 card deck there are 2 successful draws out of 6 possible combinations. So 2:6 or 1:3.

      Your chances are doubled if the order doesn’t matter.

      What if your 3 card deck had two of the same card? That is your 3 cards are πŸ¦†πŸ•πŸ•.







      If order doesn’t matter, you have 4 successful chances out of 6 or 2:3.

      So adding another πŸ•card increases your chances of a synergy event.

      If there are πŸ• cards that can be combined with a number of different cards




      to create synergies, then the value of adding the πŸ• card goes up even more.

      Hope that was both understandable and somewhat helpful.