Warriors point guard Stephen Curry dropped a career-high 62 points on the Portland Trail Blazers tonight in a 137-122 victory at home. After missing the majority of last season due to injury, it's amazing to see him this early in the season put up these kind of numbers.

Scoring 62 points in any fashion is impressive, but Curry's statline is all the more jaw dropping: 18-31 (58.1%) shooting from the field, 8-16 (50.0%) shooting from 3-point range, and 18-19 (94.7%) shooting from the free throw line. That means he was scoring in wide variety of ways. He was popping threes, he was driving in the lane and getting fouled, etc. It's like no matter how the Trail Blazers defended him, Curry found a way to put the ball in the bucket and make them pay.

Truly one of the most amazing indiviual performances of his career. That last three at the end where he got to 62 points is just pure vintage Steph falling to the ground and still getting the 3-ball to drop. Amazing!