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    • I have really been in love with shooting on the Samsung Galaxy S10, and for one reason - the ultra-wide third lens. (It's also available on the new Note 10 as well.)

      So it will be interesting to see how Apple's third, wide lens compares on the new iPhone Pro 11 when it's released next week. The Samsung lens is occasionally distorted, although not too bad here.

      What do you think? Any Galaxy fans out there?

      The boat/sunset shot was taken last night in the Marina del Rey, while the Pier was shot on the MDR side of what's called the Venice Pier.

      You guessed it, I'm working on Photowalk Marina del Rey as we speak!

    • Y’know, I’d probably be astonished by the camera in my iPhone X if it weren’t for the things I hear about the Pixel phone’s camera and the S10’s. Now I find myself grousing that Apple is a little bit behind.

      I tried to buy add-on lenses for the X to get wider and longer, watched some videos from pros who said the add-in’s changed their lives, but they seemed complicated so I waited for the iPhone 11. I was a little discouraged and have been thinking maybe the Pixel 4 is more exciting, given all the leaks we’re seeing.

      I’m gonna be eager to see iPhone 11 shots next week. Your shots on the S10 are fabulous!