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    • OK, I covered the Apple "Show Time" event in Cupertino, and no, Oprah and Steven Spielberg didn't know moi was in the audience, but it was fun.

      For all those who ask about choice of cameras, I had the PERFECT camera by my side today.

      My beloved Sony RX10IV is a compact workhouse that has a killer 24mm-600mm lens, can shoot in low light (I'm at 3200 ISO here, I believe) and can sit on my lap during a crowded media event without being overbearing.

      Apple did me a nice favor by providing great lighting!

    • I saw your photos in the USA Today coverage!

      First of all, I’m jealous that you got to go to the event. Was the theater all they say it is? I had lunch with a friend from Apple the other day who said when his office was in the new building it took forever to get from one part of the building to another. He much prefers the old campus.

      I’ve had my eye on that camera forever because of its one camera to rule them all in any situation capability. I’m gonna rent one from Borrow Lenses for a shoot this weekend of a car show where I don’t need shallow depth of field but do need range and speed. Also, a youth soccer tournament. Will post results.

    • Hey Chris,

      I could have shown you by beloved, never leave my side RX10 this weekend in beautiful Sunnyvale!

      It's the ultimate travel/journalism camera, for stills and videos. All my #Photowalks have been done on the RX10 primarily, with an assist from Gopro Hero 7 Black and a little iPhone too.

      My bird on the lifeguard statue below is at 600mm, from across the street, on the RX10.

      Also, the depth of field isn't what you would expect from an A7III and a 2.8 lens, but it's not bad at all. I'll see if I can't find a good example for you. $1,700 and worth every penny.