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    • My wonderful daughter-in-law just texted me and said their little family isn’t going to her parents’ house like they usually do every Thanksgiving because the parents have Covid right now, so would I like to come over and spend Thanksgiving with them this year, since they’ll be staying in town? 😳

      I replied with a gracious thank you, but I feel like I have such a good set-up for keeping isolated, it would probably be irresponsible for me to start taking any risks. I am very concerned about our healthcare workers—don’t want to add to their burden unnecessarily!

      It is sooooo hard to navigate the challenges of dealing with this virus AND taking care of those who are feeling isolated and alone. I know my DIL is doing her best to care for those she loves. It feels like denying her efforts is completely antithetical to how we should be caring for one another right now.

    • That is fer shure!! Reacting to your sign from AdvRider

      I love all my family members greatly, but we do not all agree wholly on many things, especially when it comes to discussions of politics. I am not certain how anyone can really believe the news about the dangers of Covid 19 are made up or exagerated, after watching the experiences in Italy, Spain, UK, Sweden, and many other nations, let alone the current health statistics in the various states in the USA.

      But I have several relatives who think the pandemic is all fake facts. So I may be saving on Christmas purchases a bit this year.

      I have no idea what bundles of switches go for these days....