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    • So when I am at the boardgames club, we have a great range of games and players. From young children to grizzled wargamers. Never the twain shall meet? Not so!

      I get great pleasure in seeing a hex and counter enthusiast turn to Loupin' Louie with as much delight and concentration as they've been giving to their War in the Pacific.

      What about you? What's your upper limit and lowest? I think The Gallerist really gives my brain a workout, it's probably my upper limit of this is still fun, not work. Lowest without being boring... Hamsterroll I think.

    • Welcome to Cake, leece. 🎂

      I laugh whenever I hear Loopin' Louie, not just because the name makes me smile, but only the Germans could make it a drinking game and hack it to dole out electric shocks:

    • Deep Sea Adventure or maybe Tokaido is probably my low bar. Relaxing game play is kind of the whole point of Tokaido, though.

      Yedo and Tzolk'in always give my brain a hard time, but they're so good.

    • Omg....your intro paragraph was amazing...I have no idea with 50% of what you said but it seemed like it belonged in a great novel or as the intro to a Johnie Carson bit years ago! Lol Brava!