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    • Charley Boorman, an actor, adventurer and motorcyclist, is up to something again! Having done the Long Way Round and Long Way Down series, Charley and Ewan might be preparing for a Long Way Up - a motorcycle journey across South America.

      I will be chatting to Charley tonight, asking him about his African adventures and his South America plans. If you'd like me to ask him your question, post it here, and I'll do my best!

      Photo: @ignitionrojas

    • How has their relationship changed from the first trip. How is it changing the family dynamic at home.

      What adjustments to the travel crew/support crew have they made. How much solo adventure are they looking for vs great TV?

      Most everyone loves the gear who rides these types of adventures, top ten list of must haves.

    • How have the motorcycles changed with respect to size, weight, displacement, capability, and load capacity since you first started these adventures; and what is your preference?

    • I don't ride motorcycles, but I love travel documentaries and I especially loved Long Way Round and Long Way Down!

      One thing I've learned from trying to film my own travels is that sometimes when the going is hard and you're tired and miserable and hungry, the last thing you give a crap about is recording the experience. Obviously, when you're filming a TV series, turning the cameras off isn't an option.

      How do you push through in scenarios like this? How often do you feel like giving up? What is it that keeps you coming back to do another trip?

    • Have you ever taken a long (say, month or longer) ride without a camera crew in tow? If so, what were the upsides, and, less obviously, the downsides? If not, do you want to or have any plans to?

      What's the biggest piece of advice you'd give to someone who's planning a really long ride? Would you recommend having sponsors if possible, or do you think they'd be better off without them? Would you rather do it with or without a partner to ride with?

    • How much support did bmw give them on the trips ? For the first trip, it seemed they were on their own but the second trip looked like it had full factory support.

    • @evergreen, Thanks for giving us the opportunity to join in on this unique interview!

      So here my questions:

      How has adventure travel changed you mentally?
      How did this extended helmet time, often in challenging places, change your relationship with yourself?
      And has it changed the way you see and interact with others?

      Have a great interview!

    • This is an awesome opportunity, thank you so much, and I can't wait for you to share the resulting interview!

      Regarding the question, I'd want to ask if they will be doing this on the new Moto Guzzi!!! (This would really be the bomb of the year as far I am concerned on Guzzi's - can you tell I love them?) And if not, why not!!??

    • Stay tuned: Charley's panel is coming soon! I knew he was an interesting guy as a traveler and motorcyclist, but I didn't realize how down to earth and how kind he was a person. We chatted for over an hour, and it was a blast!

      A panel and a podcast version of it coming soon! Thanks for following!

    • Couldn't help commenting.. the crew and camera, and sponsors, that changes *everything* think of Heisenberg principle, lol. It's never the same experience once outside actors are involved, not to say that's good or bad. It depends on each person, what they are looking for in the experience.