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    • There don't seem to be many sports fans on Cake. I'm not a diehard either, but when someone this transformational comes along, I have to know what is going on.

      Here's a guy who is only 6'3", not a muscular beast, and he has notoriously fragile ankles. And yet he has transformed basketball. He plays with infectious joy and revels in his teammates success. He notices when their shoulders are high, indicating their positive moods.

      Here's the thing: they signed a true great, a beast, in Kevin Durant. Steph constantly gives him the ball and talks him up. But when Durant is not in the game, they are 33 wins and 4 losses, many in really tough situations. How does the team record improve when they lose their prize free agent? Fascinating!!

    • Something happens with this guy that even the experts (is Charles Barkly an expert) get wrong. They all say the team is better with Durant but no one can explain how they have such a good record without Durant. Better than with him even in clutch situations.

      I think when Durant is in it's all about giving the ball to him and celebrating his success, like other ball hog star players. Without him, everyone on the team is important and celebrated and they love that. Curry is a master at making them look good.

      News stories are now appearing that are asking the big question: how can they have a better record without the league's best player?

    • Great article about how influential people can be in our lives.

      Coach McKillop who coached at Davidson was so instrumental in Curry's basketball career that Curry says he taught him everything.

      "Even when I failed early freshman year, he stayed in my ear because he saw my potential before I did." Steph Curry on Bob McKillop

      As I read this article one thing really stood out for me... Coach McKillop's advice when the opposing team was hot in the first part of the game.

      "I told them to keep playing," he says. "'They were hot in the first half, but they're going to get tired, and they're going to cool off. You're still the better team. Keep playing and you'll have the opportunity to win.'"

      So many times I have watched the Warriors come back after halftime and win the game they were losing.

    • Yea, he is almost the antithesis of today's modern basketball legends...If you met him along with Kobe and King James, he would probably be perceived as the third wheel. No super-sized over sized ego, no basketball shoes line-up, and he plays a great game of golf. With his dad.

      Definitely a Hall of Famer but he probably gets thrown into the same category as David Robinson and Tim Duncan from the Spurs....low key, fairly humble competitors that just take care of business.

    • Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter in NBA history. We’ve never seen a guy hit the type of shots he does with so much regularity. Off the bounce, catch and shoot, three defenders in his face, from 50 feet, around the rim, etc. The guy is truly a modern day Mozart with a basketball and it is an absolute joy to watch him play. We may never see another player quite like him.

    • For a long time, probably since the Jordan Bulls, I was kind of indifferent about watching basketball. But when Steph and the Warriors started their run, it was incredible to watch. I found myself watching regular season basketball enthusiastically, just to see what Steph would do next.

      What really blows me away about him is not so much that he makes a lot of threes, but how he makes them. He takes what can only be described as “horrible” shots for any other player. But he sinks them. For him, they’re good looks. For everyone else, they’d land you on the bench.

    • Right?! I feel like he does the same with risky dribbles and passes and turns the ball over.

      And yet, 29-1 for their last 30 without Durant! That last game in Portland, oh my God. 37 points, triple double, 3 starters were injured and couldn’t play, helped all the other players play well, played against a great team in a must-win situation for Portland.

      The beauty and joy with which they played.... It was mesmerizing.

    • Me too!! Partly because I want to know who we face. As they say every year, there is no way the Warriors can beat a team with LeBron on it, er, I mean Giannis. He's too athletic.

      The New York Times had an amazing article today I loved and in case you don't subscribe, here's the key quote:

      An injury that hampers his ability to grip a golf club could not prevent Curry from uncorking the most dominant playoff series of his career in the Western Conference finals.

      In the process, Curry didn’t merely hush a legion of naysayers regularly critical of his postseason play. He also reminded us just how much of the Warriors’ offense he has surrendered over the past three seasons, without complaint, to accommodate Kevin Durant’s one-on-one brilliance.

    • Oh, some high school kid figured out one of Curry's plays:

      And Steve Kerr confirmed the play when he replied:

      Oh yea, we run that play a lot. We call it 'fist side.'

    • Great post, Ben. Loved it. The only thing that made me pause was this line:

      They did so without their best player Kevin Durant

      But... Curry is putting up as many points per game with more rebounds, assists and a greater percentage of what really matters: Ws. No?

      And he’s doing it by reinventing the game, making it beautiful to watch, whereas Durant is doing it traditionally and by taking advantage of his height.

      I wonder how much we think of Durant’s greatness is shaped by Curry’s style of play, which makes everyone look good. As Pippen said in a broadcast the other day, everyone on the Warriors has played great with Curry out there.

    • Great point, Chris! Kevin Durant is the better one-on-one player, but Curry does more for the team, which is kind of my point! So yes, Curry I think is their best player even if he doesn’t have the same physical tools as Durant.

    • could we add a topic category of basketball to this thread please?

      So, I did not want to diminish the incumbent Bay Area enthusiasm for the Warriors and Steph...but, I have been cheering on the Raptors mostly because I like underdog stories...and, the Raptors storyline is rich.

      That being said, with all the excitement of Durant playing last night and then getting injured, I guess the assumed verdict that Curry is truly a Master of his craft leaves no dispute by anyone. Durant is great. Klay Thompson is impeccable with his outside shots. But, I would subscribe that Curry is like that premium $4500 steak you order on the Las Vegas Strip. No seasoning required. Just organic superiority.

      After last nights game another aspect I appreciate is when true sportsman can see beyond their competitive natures and feel the angst of losing Durant....for, maybe the rest of his career. Hope not, but, as Payton Manning discovered....coming back after some major injuries can be done but does it diminish your overall legacy? It was painful to watch Payton in his last year on the field.

      I love the story line of Gasol really being part of the Memphis family and how another Jurassic Park has grown in Memphis.

      But, mostly I love in this world of super-sized and over-sized egos (hey, I love showmanship as well) that two pretty humble guys (Curry and Leonard) are showing professional sports that being talented, hard working and being a sportsman is still a good thing.

      I remember seeing some Grand Slam matches between Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal and you either wanted both to win or neither to lose. The epitome of why I love true sports competition vs. corporate boy-bands.

    • Great post! I too am sympathetic to the Raptors because it’s their first time in the finals and I like Kawhi Leonard a lot. It was tough to see KD go down and his situation makes it easier to root for the Warriors. So many great storylines!

    • Me too, except when KD went down and the fans briefly lost their minds I got slightly tainted.

      Curry is just such an amazing person. I like him as much as Nadal, and that says a lot.

      This video helped endear me to Steph even more lately:

    • Another GREAT vid! "FEDAL"....hahahahahah So many people have wanted the Mac to become the new CEO of US Tennis as corporately USTA has totally lost their way. But, he is too smart to get sucked into that.

    • Wow.....even though the Warriors lost (by only one point) even after the absolute bummer Klay Thompson injury.....I mean, I really thought we were going to a game 7. Mad respect to all the Warrior interviews Warrior player or Coach blamed injuries for their final demise....they just gave props to the Raptors.

      This series was perfect NBA for me and similar to baseball...hard for me to watch during the regular season...but, the playoffs were/are thrilling. I was oblivious to the Raptors prior to game 2 with the Bucks....and, immediately I was a fan of the storyline....I guess I missed a ton of miracles with the Sixers, etc.

      IMHO...and, stricly my opinion....Leonard was great and obviously he brought some serious DNA to the franchise...but, personally I thought Kyle Lowry should have won MVP. He has been there from the beginning and he DID EVERYTHING that Leonard did points wise, rebounds wise, passing wise, etc. But, as with everything, social media and politics gave way to the most popular choice.

    • My thoughts exactly, although I have been sulking a little over the injuries. It isn't to suggest that it put an asterisk by the Raptor's title, because, for example, beating the Bucks was amazing. It's just that the season is really long — 82 games — and then if you go to the finals for several seasons, the players see a lot of injuries. Durant's is very serious.

      It was a truly great final game with incredible suspense that could have gone either way, and I'm very happy for the Raptors. I think their fans even expressed admirable remorse for losing their minds and cheering Durant's injury.

    • The NBA champion is too often defined by who simply avoids the injury bug the best. That’s why the league should seriously consider shortening the season. Keep your stars healthier.