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    • It was in the SAP Center in San Jose which looked sold out. We are used to smallish tents for Cirque do Soleil performances.

      The set design was amazing. It has rear projection so that whole blue thing lights up with video, sometimes different parts have different video running simultaneously. There are doors that open with performers & musicians. The music track was haunting. Skaters come flying down those ramps, even the one that's ten feet off the ground.

      Notice the double-ramp right by the arena wall in the lower right of this picture? Skaters fly over that. They must be 8 feet high when they do. The crowd went crazy.

    • They had an amazing clown who came out before the show started when there were still open seats. He had a bucket of snowballs, which he hilariously threw into the crowd. We caught one and surprised him later by throwing it back. His reaction was priceless and the crowd got a big laugh.

      So come early for the clowns.

    • It wouldn't be Cirque without acts that seemed too unbelievable to be true. I could hardly watch. This man did a perfect handstand on those chairs after I took the picture. Thank God he had a safety cable or I couldn't have watched.

    • These two didn't have a safety cable and we couldn't breathe. But at least they rolled out a mat and had spotters.

      How many stars can I give this show? 5? I would give more if I could. How can people be so creative and athletic?

    • I had my first Cirque experience last night with Corteo here in Milwaukee. It was amazing. I knew it was going to be spectacular, but the athleticism and skill were over-the-top. I loved the costumes also, especially the angels. Interesting to hear that they have a version on ice.

    • I’ve seen a few shows over the years and Cirque has never disappointed. I did the VIP experience and that was a whole new level of experience that allows one to interact with some of the performers prior to the show.

      The suspension of belief and entertainment was amazing.