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    • Since pixel art tends to be so time consuming, I'm all about finding ways to save time without losing quality! I've never used that software you linked to and would love to play around with it. I'll definitely do a side by side when I have a chance.

      I've generally steered away from automated pixel art software because they're not always very reliable or do what I want. I find they tend to just look like pixelated or blurry photos. Perhaps they could be useful as a reference, but I like the pixel shapes to be super clean and separated into layers, so would probably have to go in and draw a lot of the shapes anyway to achieve that.

      Also, I don't always want the pixel to art to look 100% photo realistic. Here's an example from a Muhammed Ali jump rope pixel animation I did next to a pixelated photo reference (full animation can be viewed here). You can see how I needed the photo to understand the position of the arms in that frame, but also how it would be pretty difficult for software to bridge the gap between the photo and where I ended up.

    • Thank you! I use a service called Printful for printing my pixel art. I like their thick matte paper option, which I used for these. They do a good job with solid colors (rarely any striping), and it's pretty affordable.