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    • The funny thing is I think I REALLY cannot be the only person thinking this way - and to find that the Wired author, and you @StephenL , tend to concur, is just so validating. And finding another pants dryer - we all know our pants are cleaner than new paper towels, right??😳

      I never liked the aerosol mist the dryers spray about, but never really thought they could kill me. Now, however, I'm not so certain.

      I had to share it - along with just a taste of dark humor, and a wee bit of facts.

    • towels or my trousers for sure. When it comes to public toilets I just assume other patrons are riddeled with disease and unsound hygene habits.

    • I think the popularity of hot air dryers also from the current "go green" movement around the world where using paper towels is considered bad for the environment.

      I usually avoid air dryers. I've been led to believe that the hot air that is blown may not necessarily be that clean? Regardless, I always find my hands to still be a little damp no matter how long I dry them, so I just use paper towels instead. I don't waste them mind you, I use just enough to get my hands dry.

      If paper towels aren't available I actually just dry my hands off by shaking them off in the sink and wiping them on my shirt or pants 😂

    • Though I cannot find them now, there have been studies done that I seem to recall showed pretty conconclusively that paper towels are much more sanitary than air dryers. There was even an old Myth Busters episode on this exact topic:

      The air dryer blows whatever is on your hands all over the place!

    • Typical cheap choice-Electric hand driers create "impression" you care about your customers. When I travel I learn which places have cleanest restrooms and good supply of paper hand towels. Always tip rest room attendants , tho harder to do today as we frequently don't carry cash. Was fascinated to see much cashless pay on smart phone apps when in Africa. Surprised I don't need an APP to use the electric hand driers. Progress:>(