Model Laura has just said "goodbye" to someone very important in her life. She does not know if they will ever see each other again and wonders, if that is the case, how she will be able to deal with that. That is the emotion we were going for in this image made in the Hollywood style of the 1930s and 40s, something similar to what George Hurrell may have shot.

To accomplish this shot required 4 lights. To the far right was a beauty dish (main light) with a 10 degree grid raised above the models head so she would have to look up into the light. This light was very close to the model.

The second light(fill) was directly in front of the model and behind the photographer. It was a 6' shoot through umbrella set about 3 f stops less light than the main light. This light sets the floor level for the black tones.

The third light is over to the left and shines behind the model onto a white back ground. It is a pattern projector, a Norman Tri-Lite Light Optical Spotlight. This is a strobe with the capability of projecting a focused pattern onto a background. In this case the pattern was of a window pane.

The fourth light was a hair light strobe with a 20 degree grid on its reflector. It was over to the far left and behind the model shining onto the right side of the models hair. It was set 1-4 stops below the main lights intensity depending on the darkness of the model's hair.

A soft focus filter was placed in front of the lens.

Processing done in Lightroom and Photoshop.


Model: Laura Rogers -

MUA, Wig Maker, Stylist: +Allison Lowery -

Concept and Lighting: Tim Babiak -

Photographer: Paul Johnston