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    • I've had mine for years as well ( I looked at yours, some nice images. Not sure if you noticed that you have the setting turned on so anyone can download the image from your site. You may have it like that on purpose, but just thought I'd bring it up. I have a middle tier subscription which allows you to sell and set prices and make some money, but I've only sold some stuff here and there. Considering moving to a service like where you can sell and don't need a subscription and they take care of everything. Flickr was acquired by SmugMug a few months back and they say they will be leaving it pretty much the same. Overall, it all depends what you plan on doing with your pictures. If your end goal is to sell or just display. If its just to display, there are cheaper/free options. But as an overall portfolio display, sell products, they are one of the few that do everything on the back end so you don't have to deal with products yourself. Wish you luck.