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    • I wrote a post on petapixel this morning about the top 10 ways to improve Flickr. I think the group conversations are one of the most important things that flickr should be working on. Interestingly enough, I think that the cake Interface is very similar to what Flickr group conversations should look like on mobile. The one thing that flicker group conversations does well though is bump the most recently commented thread to the top, cake does not seem to do that. I think that would make cake conversations much more active. Good seeing you yesterday Chris and learning more about cake.

    • Thank you, Thomas. That had to be a lot of work to write up but it must be like gold to Don and the Flickr team. I did one of these for eBay once upon a time and thought it went into a black hole but it turned out they had it taped to a wall while they chipped away at it. I got a thank-you note a year later.

      These are very powerful and encouraging words from you: "It’s my favorite site on the internet."