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    • By now, some of you may know that Kim and I live in rural Vermont. And, we love it here. The sense of community and doing the right thing seem to be the number one priority around these parts.

      Together with the wonderful people we have some of the most awesome twisty paved and unpaved around roads in the country. For some, those twisties can mean a little spirited riding or driving. It can also mean additional revenue for those places where speed is more of a revenue generator than a safety consideration.

      In Vermont, the basic speed law is 50 MPH unless otherwise posted. And the police are pretty liberal about that. But in many of the small towns, the speed limit of 25 MPH is strictly enforced.

      The little town of Chester, Vermont is one of those towns with a 25 MPH speed limit. They even have a couple of the radar speed signs that tell you your speed. If you are going over the speed limit, it politely asks you to slow down in yellow letters with a frown emoji. But if you are going the speed limit or under, you get a "Thank you" in green letters with a smiley emoji.

      Apparently, Santa told the town that he would like to remind drivers to watch their speed with a very "Santa-ish" warning. The town said OK and their radar speed signs now let everyone know that Santa is watching too.

      Here are the actual signs in Chester. We hope everyone has a very happy and safe holiday. Remember, Santa is watching.

    • Oh, you can get to our place easily, just follow the sign. It's the second house on the right after you turn left. If you get lost, use your "Magic 8 Ball". It's almost as good as the sign.

    • What are those tiny words under Then Update Facebook? Oh yeah, now I see it. It says... "Or you could get that fabulous Instagram viral photo shot just before the car hits you.